[Greylist-users] My problem with greylisting

Christopher Baker chris at chrisbaker.net
Tue Sep 14 23:16:49 PDT 2004

I fear that most users of graylisiting are seeing this. I wish there was
something we could do about it.

I only saw it as an issue with one sender. He was with a law firm. I
talked about the problem with their mail administrator, and the mail
admin admitted that their SMTP servers only tried to send messages for
an hour.

The reality of this situation is that they are going to have trouble
sending to most everyone at one time or another. What if you have a
power outage that lasts for four hours? That's another one of those
times that your mail may be undeliverable.

It may not be necessary to retry for up to 48 hours, but the only
drawback is that you won't get a bounce message until after the 48-hour
period is up.


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