[Greylist-users] Re: SMTP/AUTH before greylist problem

Philip Kizer pckizer at nostrum.com
Wed Aug 3 10:17:54 PDT 2005

> On Wed, Aug 03, 2005 at 05:40:27AM -0500, Evan Harris wrote:
>> Depends on the implementation you're using.
>> relaydelay supports this as a standard feature, and has for quite  
>> a while.
>> Look in the source for the string "Mail delivery is authenticated.
>> Skipping checks." if you are interested in the details.
>> Evan

On Aug 3, 2005, at 10:10, Wayne Walker wrote:
> How do we turn this on?  I, too, have SMTP/AUTH running and my mail is
> all TEMPFAIL'd when I'm not at home.

The version I'm running includes this in the relaydelay.conf:

# Set this to true if you want to try to track locally originated mail
#   so that replies are not delayed.  This adds a couple queries to the
#   db overhead for each local mail processed, so use with caution.
#   Also considers mail sent from whitelisted IP's and authenticated
#   senders as local in case we are acting as a smarthost for them.
$reverse_mail_tracking = 1;


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