[Greylist-users] Whitelisting

Bart Mortelmans info at bNamed.net
Tue Oct 18 09:07:24 PDT 2005


Thanks, I have added your suggestion to my list.

I feel like, for greylisting to become really effective and not have too 
many false positives, a really good whitelisting system would be a 
necessity. Something that would list all relay servers of all the large 
internet providers. Maybe using something similar to a DNS-system, like 
what is used for most blacklists.

- There wouldn't by any chance be a current "list" for this? I know 
there are systems that will allow you to check if an IP-address is 
dail-up or ADSL or Cable connected. Maybe there already is one that 
lists large ISP relay servers?
- If there isn't one, does any one reading this have any experience with 
running that kind of a list? If so, I might be interested in working 
together with you to set something up.

Bart Mortelmans

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