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Ed Mills EdMills at Alumni.Williams.edu
Thu Jan 25 14:29:39 PST 2007

Try Googling for "honeypot". There are several different types, one of which
is what you describe. A number of reverse DNS blacklists use this technique
to generate new listings. Check out http://www.vamsoft.com/ for a
description of ORF Enterprise Edition and it will talk about various uses of
this sort of filtering. Their description of various RDNSBLs is interesting
even if you're not interested in the product. As comercial software goes,
it's fairly cheap. It's Windows based which can be good or bad depending on
your viewpoint.


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Is anyone doing this?

Say I make up a new, bogus user for our domain and post it on various web
pages, online sites, newsgroups, etc but never use it for mail. Then I would
automatically black list any IP that sends an e-mail to that user since it
has to be from a spammer.

Can it be done?  Worth the effort?

Just wondering,


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